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Reboot .. Reset .. Rejuvenate - Your Life and Your

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Be The Change!

Posted on 12 July, 2013 at 7:04
Heard a great saying today: "You get the change in your life only after you first create the change in you".  Having studied Personal Development for over 30 years it still gives me a wakeup call every time I hear a comment or information with this in it.  Despite ensuring that this is part of my psyche at all times, I can still go through periods of time where I slip back into momentarily forgetting that we really do create our reality.  Our life is but a reflection of what we have going on inside the corridors of our mind.  If we don't like what we are seeing in our lives, then perhaps it is a good time to take time out to examine what is going on inside us.  We now know that what we think about dominantly becomes reality.  This is the moment of consciously examining what we are thinking about on a consistent basis - is it negative or positive, is it taking us towards our goals or away.  What are the visions we are running on the screen of our mind, and what behaviours and actions are the results of this.  Our results are the final outcome of thinking, feeling, behaving and acting in a certain way.  Life's "wobbly" bits (those negatives) are going to happen whether we like it or not - it is how we respond to them that matters.  Is your suffering going to be ongoing and forever, or are you going to get the strength to pick yourself up, get stronger, be a better person then build a bridge and "get over it".  If you choose to stay stuck in the "victim" mode then a life of Permanent Potential is likely to be your future.  Take time ow to catch your thoughts and if they are not moving you in the direction of your dreams change them to the thoughts that will.  By doing this constantly you will move forward in the direction of your dreams.

I wish you Peace, Power, Beauty, Harmony, Abundance and Joy Always!

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