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Posted on 28 February, 2019 at 8:18 Comments comments ()

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog here.  Apologies for those that have kindly said they would visit my site. I am starting up again - yeh!

In Australia and being a farmer's wife as well as a Rejuvenation Coach, I have been on the journey of coping with the worst drought in living memory.  In my 17 years of being married to a farmer I have had 10 years of dry to drought but this one is an "experience" to say the least.  Since March last year I have been on the road with cows ranging from 250 cows who decided to calve all the way along a 90kms trip which took me 3 months to 70 young heifers.  My husband has also taken up work in a cattle truck so is away 6 days a week leaving me to feed the many cows we have on farm as well.  I actually learnt how to drive a rather large tractor in order to do so.  At first fearful because it was unfamiliar but once familiar it became a breeze.  I had a lot of time to contemplate life and how we are challenged along our journey.  It was a true test of my personal development and I did catch myself falling into "victim" mode as the endless days ran into each other and my "girls" decided on occasion to be naughty and testy.  I had to learn to have empathy with them as they had such a long journey as well and they had to give birth on the road.  My part in the journey was in the comfort of a car and I was fortunate enough to have such amazing farmers along the way give me a paddock at night for the stock so I could head home and sleep in my bed.  

I met so many wonderful people along the way who gave me a helping hand - a man on a horse who spent the day with me droving down a back road, my son's godfather in his 70s who came and worked so hard for 2 weeks (he is not in a rush to come back as exhausted the poor chap), strangers who helped me cross highways and a local man who worked with me for another month as we ate out the side roads near our farm.  I started a "Droving Central" blog to friends so felt they were along on the journey with me.  A school friend and her husband actually came down for a few days to experience droving and help me.  Even my 13 year old son helped when home from Boarding School.

I look at these challenges as a lesson in something.  Why does this drought go on so long and cause such suffering to so many in this harsh country we live in.  I feel quite blessed despite the dusty and parched land outside the window.  Gone is the green that is normally the lucerne paddock outside our kitchen window - so dry everywhere that when a few drops of rain arrive there is such joy - yet so short lived, but we are in a better area of the drought as we have had a few falls of rain - more than so many others.  What is my lesson this time round?  I go back to the power of the mind and how if we master it then our life reflects it.  I have worked every day to not let this "event" on our lives become a "problem".  My mantra has been to be serene, tranquil and calm no matter what is thrown at me and that happiness is an inside job.  Tested daily I have struggled but I go to bed at the end of the day feeling I have grown yet again and have more skills than before . .. but the biggest discovery is that when I really work on my mindset for happiness despite all that happens I am able to sleep with peace for tomorrow is another day and the past is the past.

So if life is giving you a curve ball - please remember the power of your thoughts.  Also be aware of your words for both of these paint a picture in your mind and it is this that dictates your behaviours, choices, decisions, actions and ultimately your results.  Be the creator of good in your moments of struggle - you have the power in your mind.  Your mind just creates what it thinks you want it to by the messages you send through your thoughts and words.  

Being present in the NOW is the key for whilst you are totally aware in the now you can then give energy to the right thoughts.  Try it out and let me know how you go!

I wish you all love, light, life, peace, power, beauty, harmony, abundance an joy always and thanks for visiting!

We Are What We Think - 2000 thoughts to Success

Posted on 22 June, 2015 at 1:15 Comments comments ()
Well it has been a time and a half since I last posted.  Apologies to those out there who take the time to drop by.

My post today is all about your thoughts and how amazingly powerful they are ... both in good and bad.  Humans have between 20,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day.  Most of them visiting us very quickly or just passing through ... giving no important impact.  There are others that visit us for longer periods of time, in fact becoming influencing thoughts to all consuming thoughts.  You know the ones!!!!  These thoughts are the ones I want you to read about today and understand.  It is researched that we have 2000 of these thoughts daily.  They are our primary thoughts ... things like 'where did I put my keys" all the way to a troubling thought about something that may have happened or something that has been said to us and so on.  These thoughts are also those that relate to something that we maybe learning about, perfecting or some skill that eventually is part of our lives.  The consistent thoughts!

We humans have this incredible powerful function - the FREE WILL or WILLPOWER.  We, unlike any other specifies, have freedom to choose or make a decision on whether to accept a thought, idea or concept; whether to reject it or just ignore it.  Wow what power is that.  We have the freedom to view any comment, or instruction from another human being, institution, media or whatever and decide whether to accept it or not.  Imagine the power of just allowing the good, empowering, encouraging, positive, exciting etc. in.  Well you have that right.  You can consciously catch yourself thinking your thoughts in relation to anything in life.  Watch your thoughts and if they don't match what you want to achieve CHANGE THEM to what does match.  If you want to be serene, tranquil and calm ... then only allow thoughts in that reflect that and reject everything else.  Replace the negatives with the positives.  Start TODAY to watch your thoughts and change them into those that head you towards what you want to achieve.  Spend the next 21 days forming this habit.  We know that our consistent thoughts imprint into our subconscious mind so imagine, after 21 days of positive thinking, what your subconscious or emotional mind is going to look like.  Add another 21 days to that and you will begin to form new beliefs.  When you create a new habit and continue to walk the path of that habit, this will turn into a belief.  This belief will harness the emotional side of you and all this combined will show up in your behaviour, your choices and the decisions you make.  Those in turn create your ACTIONS and this leads to your RESULTS.

So the saying "We are what we think" is a true statement and a very powerful one.

Give this a shot my friends .... create new habits in the next 21 days and report back to me your results.  I would love to hear how you go.

Live with Peace, Power, Beauty, Harmony, Abundance and Joy Always!

Moving through Adversity and Out The Other End!

Posted on 23 March, 2014 at 0:22 Comments comments ()
Have not posted for quite some time.  Fell off the radar so to speak, got busy in life and work and before you know it time passes.  What has been happening that created this lapse.  Well life basically gave me and my two amazing men in my life a series of challenges and "wobbly bits" and we had to just get through them.  Still going through them but it has given me a whole lot of tools to help anyone that is going through the hardships that life gives us.  All I know is that you must remain purposeful about what you are wanting to create.  If your current reality is so  darned painful or awful and all you want is to escape it ...  focus on just that ... ESCAPING and moving forward.  Experience the "wobbly bit" for what it is - REALITY.  Do not deny yourself your pain, your loss, your sadness, your frustration, your anger (whatever emotion is the strongest one), but then decide NOW ... do I remain here in this state and suffer long term, OR do I grow "through it" and out the other end.  If that is your choice then you need to ask two fundamental questions first ... Can I remove this "wobbly bit" out of my life" so I can move forward, sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot.  If you cannot then ask "Can I change this wobbly bit?".  If the answer is again no, then you need to find a way through positive questioning and reflection how you are going to get through it, around it, over it, under it - whatever it takes.  Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, build a bridge and get over it NOW.  You will be stronger, wiser and a greater person as a result.  The most important thing is that you will have OWNERSHIP, ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY for that action and that gives you personal control over your future direction.  To take the alternative which is to be reactionary and a victim to the event, circumstance, person etc. is to remain STUCK.  Create a clear and definite VISION/GOAL of what you desire, be committed, certain, have faith, hope and desire that is addictive and then "map it out" with an action plan.  Once these three things are in place then TAKE INTENTIONAL ACTION ON A DAILY BASIS.  You can be anything you decide to be that is coupled with clear vision, focus and desire, a map to get there and action.  Good Luck and its good to be back!!!!

Be The Change!

Posted on 12 July, 2013 at 7:04 Comments comments ()
Heard a great saying today: "You get the change in your life only after you first create the change in you".  Having studied Personal Development for over 30 years it still gives me a wakeup call every time I hear a comment or information with this in it.  Despite ensuring that this is part of my psyche at all times, I can still go through periods of time where I slip back into momentarily forgetting that we really do create our reality.  Our life is but a reflection of what we have going on inside the corridors of our mind.  If we don't like what we are seeing in our lives, then perhaps it is a good time to take time out to examine what is going on inside us.  We now know that what we think about dominantly becomes reality.  This is the moment of consciously examining what we are thinking about on a consistent basis - is it negative or positive, is it taking us towards our goals or away.  What are the visions we are running on the screen of our mind, and what behaviours and actions are the results of this.  Our results are the final outcome of thinking, feeling, behaving and acting in a certain way.  Life's "wobbly" bits (those negatives) are going to happen whether we like it or not - it is how we respond to them that matters.  Is your suffering going to be ongoing and forever, or are you going to get the strength to pick yourself up, get stronger, be a better person then build a bridge and "get over it".  If you choose to stay stuck in the "victim" mode then a life of Permanent Potential is likely to be your future.  Take time ow to catch your thoughts and if they are not moving you in the direction of your dreams change them to the thoughts that will.  By doing this constantly you will move forward in the direction of your dreams.

I wish you Peace, Power, Beauty, Harmony, Abundance and Joy Always!


Posted on 17 May, 2013 at 22:43 Comments comments ()
Just spent and wonderful day with a couple of my son's friends from a neighbouring farm, who had spent a night having a "sleep over".  A beautiful Autumn day, although far hotter than we would like and far too dusty as a result of no rain.  My husband (The Farmer) decided the cattle needed a bit of extra food by droving up the side road for the day - yep it pretty much is another semi drought period until rain arrives!  We decided to have a BBQ on the side of the road and the kids decided it would be great to go yabbing (for those non-Australians a Yabby is a type of shrimp that lives in dams) in the dam.  To watch these kids at play, just enjoying the simple pleasures of life really made me think - we adults get so complicated from so much "thinking".  They had a ball trying to catch the evasive yabbies, and getting absolutely covered in mud.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was wonderful!  Take a moment, in this very second of consciously reading this blog - are you having a fun, and happy thought or a sad and dreary thought.  Are you conscious thoughts taking you to where you want to go or holding you prisoner to what you don't want.  Kids just enjoy the moment, milking every bit of joy out of every simple thing.  I really enjoyed watching them, and taking the time to appreciate the NOW.  We create our reality from our thoughts, feelings and the behaviours, decisions and actions that come from those.  In this very moment in time (the present - the NOW) we totally control what thoughts we allow into our minds.  What are your thoughts creating for you/  I watched the kids get slowly more and more covered in mud, until there was barely any skin unscathed and in horror thought about how I was going to get them home and washed before their mother turned up.  Then they laughed and laughed, I decided to film them then laughed and laughed so much that the camera just would not stay still and I began to "snort" with joy.  Talk about feeling great.  Live in the moment, think good things in the NOW and see and feel how good it is!!!

I wish everyone peace, power, beauty, harmony, abundance and joy always!

Sow the Seeds of Goodness and Reap The Benefits

Posted on 12 September, 2012 at 9:58 Comments comments ()
I was reading the paper today, also watched the news a bit and as usual all of it was depressing to say the least.  I began to feel flat for a bit before I jerked myself out of it.  Outside the Spring day was superb, new life blooming everywhere, tiny calves and sheep skipping around in play.  This got me thinking about how the media and other forms of contact with the outside World is full of Doom and Gloom and it is fed to us on a continuous basis.  No wonder worry, fear, doubt, stress anxiety and depression are on the up and up.  Our dominant thoughts begin to concentrate on what is wrong in the World instead of what is right or COULD be right.  Our mind is like a garden - tend to it well by planting beautiful plants, feeding it and watering it and you will see a garden of lushness and beauty, however if you do not care for this garden and forget to water and feed it then that is when the weeds will grow.  Our thoughts are the seeds that grow in this garden and when they are good the garden is beautiful, but when they are negative this is when the garden falls into disrepair.  Begin to think of the thoughts you dominantly think of on a daily basis for these are the thoughts that grow into something.  If you think Certain thoughts you will get certain results.  By sowing the seeds of goodness and positivity you will reap the benefits of good mental health and good results in your life.  Don't let the newspapers and news broadcasts bring you down.  Take a stand today and declare that YOUR THOUGHTS ARE YOUR OWN and you are making them POSITIVE AND EMPOWERING.

Easy ways in which to give yourself a POSITIVE REBOOT are:  Spend time with positive people; Read uplifting material; and learn new ideas and strategies that make you feel positive and alive and then put those into action as soon as possible.   If you are struggling to find these then contact me here at Breathe Easy Consulting and let's get you empowered, motivated, energised and inspired.

Appreciate you dropping by - have a wonderful day and catch you next time.


Posted on 20 August, 2012 at 23:27 Comments comments ()
Many years ago I decided to do a weekend course all about Mind Programming.  It was called Alpha Dynamics and so began my many years of Personal Development training - that was about 1984.  Over the many years since I have studied with the best of them ... Anthony Robbins, Dennis Whaitley, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Deepak Chopra, Denise Lynn. Louise Hay etc. etc.  I became a Personal Development Junkie.  It has been a fascinating journey and the GEMS that I collected along the way have certainly helped me to overcome many many challenges over the years ... in particular the last 9 years.  From death, loss, anxiety, sadness, depression, fire, flood, drought, a traumatic accident to my son and personal illness myself last year - I have come through better and stronger.  The one powerful discovery is that there is a Formula for Success and it is quite simple once you know what it is and go about living it.  It is not to say it is easy because Personal Development is an ongoing process and also depends on how much you have to develop.  Life will give you the peaks and troughs but it is how you respond to them that is the key.  Studying success all these years has taught me that in order to get the results you want you need to LIVE YOUR LIFE IN A CERTAIN WAY ... just as Wallace D Wattles wrote in his now famous book "The Science of Getting Rich".  My journey has been a long one - over 25 years of study - but now I can help others learn quicker and more powerfully the formula for success so they can go out and Live a Life They Love.  I cannot wait to empower, motivate, inspire, encourage and educate as many people as I can to embrace the positive changes they need to make in order to create the LIFE THEY LOVE.  So.... lets get started!!!